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My Story

I am the daughter of creative and entrepreneurial first generation Italian/American parents. Growing up as the youngest of 4, I spent my youth working in the family restaurant business and traveling the Northeastern water ski tournament circuit with my national jump champion dad most weekends in the summer. I observed a lot about business and people. My mother’s gentle ways influenced me to take pride in my work and to be compassionate. After graduating college in New York, I enjoyed a career in commodity futures trading for 19 years; first in lower Manhattan and the last seven as a senior account executive in Chicago. One snowy evening, while visiting my sister in Pennsylvania, I met the man of my dreams. Eighteen months later we married off the 18th hole on Pebble Beach. I now live happily and creatively with Mike in Southeastern Pennsylvania and write about people and circumstances. After meeting and becoming friends with John Astle over the past 18 years, I was and remain impressed with his military stories, about his heroism and that of his military brothers. I felt compelled to put his words to print, and to share with others who wore the uniform, who served and who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom. My debut book,  Jungle Combat: A Combat Pilot’s Tape Recorded Transcripts From Vietnam 1968-1969. 

“This book is about family, friendship and sacrifice. John is very relatable. It’s as if your talking to your friend.”

– Gemma M. Jablonski

John Astle’s Story

As featured in…

The American Legion’s

             Tango Alpha Lima Podcast

                                w/Special Guest, Senator/Colonel John Astle USMC (Ret.)

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                                                            You Tube Version: Click Here

Jamie Costello’s Interview:

‘ Tough to close the book ‘: John Astle, former Senator, Vietnam War hero, subject of novel based on war experience.       


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“….my best bonus pod with former Senator Astle. We talk a little politics, but mostly his 13 months spent in Vietnam in a no holds barred conversation–caution, it gets very deep and dark….” – John Frenaye

Bill McCloud’s  The Vietnam Veterans of America Veteran Book Review II

“Jungle Combat by Gemma M. Jablonski” (Click to Read)

Jan Scruggs’ Podcast – Vietnam War Stories with Special Guest Col. John Astle US Marine Corps (Ret.) (Click to Listen)